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Accounting for change
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I worked with The Economist to create better home experiences across web and mobile apps. In this case study I’ll focus on the redesign of the Top Stories module on the web.

The challenge

Calculating an organisation’s carbon footprint is no easy task. We’re talking big orgs, like Aviva PLC with their 3,000+ real estate portfolio. The consultants at Carbon Intelligence were reaching the limits of an Excel-based workflow. We set about changing this by:

assembling a cross-functional working group of design, engineering, and carbon consultants;

co-designing a new workflow;

creating a vision for a suite of internal consulting tools.


We created an environment that blurred the lines between product and consulting. Dismissing the previous boundaries that separated the two functions to give us a deeper understanding of the complexities of carbon accounting.

Working alongside consultants we mapped out existing and future workflows, co-designed new tools and iteratively reimagined their entire process.

Here’s what we imagined, in plain english:

  • A way for consultants to visualise the hierarchy of an organisations entities, including their buildings, spaces within their buildings and other key activities like travel. Exploring an organisation in this way helped consultants to better understand the make-up of the clients carbon emissions.
  • A tool to quickly assign and manage scope categories. Organisations are unique in how they generate emissions, the industry has devised a categorisation system to help track them. There are around 18 scope categories, which help organisations with tracking and benchmarking their emissions.


The result, a new future for consultants, enabled and supported by technology. One designed to make their day-to-day radically more efficient so they can do more impactful work.


This was a team effort:

Charlotte Barrons · Product Designer Sam Judge · Product Designer Mayur Bapodra · Lead Developer Chris Moisan · CPO

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